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Amaru Confections has a new owner!

Amaru Confections started in 2000 in the kitchen of Aimee and Chris Wyatt’s apartment. Aimee saw a great need in Boise for beautiful custom cakes that were also incredibly delicious. So she started by creating custom cakes for her friends and family until she took her passion to the public. After years of custom orders being fulfilled out of their home and a small 900sq ft. baking space, Amaru finally had a bakery and storefront in 2012. As the demand and brand grew, the couple realized they needed to find a larger space. They moved the baking to a much larger warehouse where it still takes place. In 2018, the couple decided they were ready for new adventures and sold their first love to long-time employee Kathie Luna.

Kathie Luna’s love for baking started when she was just a child. She lived in Southern California just miles from the Mexico border and often spent her weekends visiting family across the Mexicali border. She still remembers helping her mother bake and decorate cakes for friends and family. It wasn’t until her parents migrated to Meridian in 2005, that her love for baking and pastry took form. She participated in culinary programs in school and found herself watching cake programs on TV. She was sold.

She attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Sacramento, California a month after graduating high school. There she learned the art of chocolate making, principles of baking, and cake decorating. She knew that someday, she wanted to own her own bakery. After Kathie graduated, she moved back to Boise to pursue her dreams. Her first job was at Berry Hill & Co., a well-known restaurant in Boise for its incredible dining experience. She baked many of the goods for them and their sister restaurant, Bacon.

After several years of working at Berryhill, Kathie decided she wanted to explore other aspects of the pastry world. When she applied to Amaru Confections in 2015, she had no idea that someday she would own it. She spent three years learning how to run production, manage a pastry team and create the most magnificent pieces of edible art. When the opportunity to purchase Amaru arose, she jumped at the idea of making her second home her own.

Kathie continues to follow some of the pastry chefs that initially inspired her to join this line of work. She often talks about her admiration of Katherine Sabbath, an Instagram pastry sensation. Kathie always says, “looking at her work pushes me to be better on a regular basis”.

Her love of travel and being outdoors have inspired her so much in her culinary profession as well. Being able to experience other cultures, taste new flavors and adventure out of her comfort zone has opened her eyes to so many culinary possibilities; ones that she hopes to bring to Amaru Confections as its new owner.

While there are still so many ideas in the works, Kathie hopes to grow and expand Amaru. She dreams of creating an upscale café where you can not only order an incredible birthday or wedding cake, but also a place where you can take a casual date and spend time with your family and friends.

Kathie owes a lot of her success to the Wyatt’s. They built a brand and clientele that adore Amaru and taught her a lot of what she knows about decorating extravagant cakes. Kathie truly hopes to uphold the original values that the Wyatt’s set in place—creating beautiful, hand decorated, enjoyable, and most importantly delicious desserts.

Custom cake and online orders are available for delivery throughout the Treasure Valley and within a 250 mile radius of Boise to include Sun Valley, McCall, Stanley, and Ontario.

Our calendar fills quickly, especially during the summer months, so contact us today to order your custom cake or dessert for your next special occasion.


At Amaru Confections, we believe that giving back to the community is vital to our own health and success. Each year we donate a considerable amount of product, talent and time to local charities, fund raisers, schools and religious organizations. Below is a short list of those we've been asked to help. We only hope to continue to add to the list in the years to come.

  • Woman's and Children's Alliance
  • Icing Smiles
  • First United Methodist Church, Cathedral of the Rockies, Boise
  • First United Methodist Church, Eagle
  • META
  • Create Common Good
  • College of Western Idaho
  • Leukemia Foundation
  • Oregon Culinary Institute
  • City Light Home for Woman and Children
  • Boise Rescue Mission
  • Longfellow Elementary

  • Idaho Food Bank
  • Komen Race for the Cure
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • St. Luke's Hospital
  • St. Luke's Children's Hospital
  • St. Alphonsus Hospital
  • Discovery Center of Idaho
  • Eagle Elementary
  • Washington Elementary
  • Idaho Humane Society
  • Snip Idaho
  • Boys and Girls Club of Nampa
  • Kids are Special People (KASP)
  • Life's Kitchen

  • Idaho Public Television
  • Light My Fire Committee
  • Idaho Youth Ranch
  • Bishop Kelly High School
  • Boise State University Bronco Athletic Association
  • Boise State University Alumni Association
  • Wishing Star
  • Sage International School
  • Bogus Basin Nordic Team
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Schools
  • Christian Church Camps