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Amaru Confections makes every effort to create a cake designed to your exact wishes. It is your responsibility to ensure that your wishes are clearly stated and color swatches, photographs and other design aspects are given accurately to your cake designer. All design aspects that you have agreed to supply must be delivered to our location no later than 7 working days prior to cake delivery date to ensure that we have all necessary pieces to decorate your cake (i.e. beads, ornaments, ribbon, faux flowers, jewelry, etc). Cake toppers can be left at the cake table and placed on your cake at the time of delivery. We don't make cakes that include copyrighted or trademarked characters, logos, emblems, etc., without a written release from the owner granting us permission to use their intellectual property on a confection. It is your (the customer) responsibility to obtain this release and deliver it to our bakery prior to us beginning any work. If you unable to obtain a written release for copyrighted or trademarked intellectual property, don’t worry! We will work with you to create an even better cake that follows your ideas but won’t infringe on another’s work or idea!

If you are requesting real flowers be included in your cake design, please have your florist provide the correct type and number of flowers needed to complete your desired design. We require that you or your florist deliver your flowers at least 1 hour prior to our agreed upon cake delivery time. If flowers are not present at the time we arrive, we cannot remain on site for more than 10 minutes after we arrive and the rest of the desserts are set up. This is due to our often tight delivery schedule of other wedding cakes and desserts for other customers that preclude us from waiting for an indefinite period of time at your venue. If we must leave without the flowers being added to your cake, it will be your or your wedding coordinator’s responsibility to decorate the cake with the flowers upon our departure. We are not responsible for damages that occur if other parties attempt to place flowers on the cake. If you request gum paste flowers that we do not make by hand at our bakery, we will make every attempt to order them in time for your event from our suppliers. In all cases, it is your responsibility to give us sufficient lead-time to special order flowers, and you agree to pay additional shipping charges if necessary. We may also substitute our hand made flowers or real flowers to complete your design and charge for these items accordingly.

Stands, Dividers, & Other Cake Devices:
In the event that Amaru Confections provides our own cupcake stands, cake stands, cake plates or other cake devices not purchased by you, they must be returned within 3 business days after your event. If additional time is needed to return items, arrangements must be made at time of final payment. Failure to return our items will forfeit your rental deposit. Once all stands, cake boards and other devices have been returned in the same condition as received, your deposit will be promptly refunded according to your specific contract. Damaged items will forfeit all rental deposits. If we must make an additional trip after your event to retrieve any of our rental items, your deposit amount will be forfeited. Cake plates are $35 and required for all 3 tier cakes, and can be needed for certain 2 tier cakes (a wooden board covered in fondant used in transportation of cakes).

Common but limited items available for rent:
Cupcake Stand (large Plexiglas stand) $150 deposit/$125 refund
Various Glass cake stands $100 deposit/$90 refund

Pickup waiver:

If you have chosen to have your cake picked up, we cannot be responsible for damage to any cake once it has left our shop. Any repairs or replacement cakes will be subject to additional fees. Any individual picking up a cake must be at Amaru Confections on or before the agreed upon time and arrive in a vehicle appropriate to transport said cake. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information. Late arrivals understand that Amaru Confections has the right to leave if the agreed upon time is not honored by the customer. Please be on time.

A cake table must be available at delivery time. If the table is to be skirted or otherwise covered, it must be prepared before the cake is delivered. The table must be secure and level and must be able to support a minimum of 50 pounds. Please have a trusted individual present at the time of delivery to accept the delivery. In the case of a mishap or damage, Amaru Confections will advise them immediately. Once the cake is set up and accepted, it is no longer the responsibility of Amaru Confections and we will not be held responsible.

Any major changes to cake design, colors or guest numbers must be relayed to Amaru Confections as soon as possible. Changes to any aspect of your order may change the final cost from the original quote. No cake design changes can be made after final payment is received (within 14 days of event). Even with advance notice, we may not be able to accommodate changes of date, location or delivery times due to prior scheduling of other contracts. If your changes preclude you from using Amaru Confections, please refer to the Cancellation section of this contract.

Down Payment for Wedding and Custom Cakes:
This contract is not valid or binding until a $100.00 deposit has been received. Once the deposit is paid, you have 5 business days from the payment date to change your mind and receive a full refund of the deposit. After 5 business days, your $100 deposit is non-refundable. Deposits for orders less than 3 weeks out are not eligible for a 5 business day grace period. Please see Finalizing Your Order for further payment information.

All Amaru Confections wedding cakes are priced by the serving (or slice of cake). Our buttercream frosted cakes begin at $3.75 per serving, and fondant covered cakes begin at $4 per serving. Additional design work will increase the cost of the cake. A quote cannot be given until the final design and number of servings are known. Our custom cakes are priced by the cake size, complexity and time involved, and may not be priced by the serving.

Amaru Confections does not make individual fondant or gumpaste figures, flowers, or any type of separate decor for our cakes without the purchase of a cake for those pieces (i.e. pieces are not sold separately).

There is a $25 fee for all returned checks. No checks accepted less than 10 days before event without prior arrangements.


    In the event you need to cancel your contract, for wedding cake or custom cake orders, the $100.00 non-refundable deposit paid is forfeited (unless it meets the Down Payment clause above). If additional payments have been paid, a portion of these payments may be retained to cover the expense of supplies purchased and loss of potential income. If you cancel your contract within 14 calendar days of the event, no refund will be given of any amount paid. In the event of unforeseen circumstances (not including acts of God, natural disasters, or inclement weather) that prevents Amaru Confections from fulfilling the order as agreed upon in this contract, the customer will be entitled to a full refund of the amount paid, including any deposit.

    Photographic Release
    You agree and give full release that we may use images we take of the cake(s) we have created for you for any and all marketing purposes we deem appropriate. This may include but are not limited to social media sites, our website, in our bakery or at event venues.

    Finalizing Your Order:
    Three weeks prior to the event date, we will need a final guest count and any final changes to your order. A final invoice will be sent via email. Full payment must be received no later than 14 calendar days prior to the scheduled event. If final payment or other arrangements are not made by this time, we reserve the right to cancel your order, and all monies will be forfeited. We do not bake anything until payment in full has been received, and we do not accept late payments without prior arrangements. Orders placed within 14 days of an event may incur additional rush order charges based upon time and product availability.

    Weather / Climate Conditions:
    It is your responsibility to ensure that the cake will be stored and set-up in an area that is climate controlled to ensure that the wedding cake remains intact and retains its original condition. Extremely high temperatures and humidity due to weather conditions and the lack of a cool environment at the appointed location may adversely affect the condition of the cake. Amaru Confections will take every step possible to ensure a quality product upon delivery. Amaru Confections cannot be held responsible for unfavorable conditions at the cake’s destination. Please note that direct sunlight and temperatures of 75 degrees and higher may have drastic and adverse affects on any confection ordered.

    Amaru Confections cannot guarantee that any of our products are 100% free of allergens in either of our two bakeries. Please note that although a product may not contain nuts, many items are made in our traditional kitchen that handles nuts, eggs, soy, milk and wheat. Items that are expressly marked as gluten free, were made in our dedicated gluten free kitchen and should be free of gluten contaminates, but depending on the overall decoration of the items (particularly cakes) they may have to be brought into the regular bakery and would come in contact with utensils and equipment that contain these contaminates. We will do our best to communicate this to anyone ordering a gluten free item before we begin the work.
    The desserts you and your guests will consume could come in contact with other food items outside of our bakery (i.e. at your event) that could cause allergic reactions in some people. Please inform your guests that it is their choice to consume our product, and Amaru Confections is not liable for any allergic reactions. All of our traditional products are prepared on shared equipment. All of our gluten free items are prepared in our dedicated gluten free bakery. We are happy to discuss our methods of preparation with you at any time.

    Amaru Confections make every attempt to ensure that your baked goods are free from foreign objects. We are not responsible for damages caused by foreign objects such as candles, sparklers or other decorations that are placed on or in our products, nor are we responsible for damages to said products, or persons handling them once they are picked up, removed, or delivered from our premises.