The flavors listed below are our traditional flavors, and are NOT considered gluten free as they are made with wheat flours. Click the button below for Gluten Free and Vegan Items. The flavors below are available as cakes and cupcakes unless otherwise noted.

All items that have a ‘ * ‘ have an additional charge please refer to our pricing guide for more details

There is a minimum lead time of 72 hours for fillings and cupcake frostings.

Too Many Flavors To Choose From?

We have plenty of pre-made cakes and cupcakes here!

If you have additional question please contact us or come by for a visit.

Our cupcakes are not filled or injected with any filling, but can easily be added to any order. Not Available in mini cupcakes. Let us know at the time of your order and we’ll gladly fill the cupcakes for an additional $.50 cents per cupcake.