Frequently Asked Questions

When you place an order with us, there is a significant amount of planning and work that is done ahead of time of your order.


We offer the following solutions if your order is for more than 7 days in advance. If there are changes which result in a reduced number of guests or you cancel your event we can:

● Reduce your order serving sizes

● Postpone your order and reschedule


Although our terms & conditions are still applicable under these circumstances, for larger event orders (weddings, quinceañeras, company events, etc), you would normally forfeit the deposit made. The deposit may be used toward future orders within a 12 month period from the cancellation date.


If you do cancel within the same week of the event, deposits or payments will NOT be available for future orders.


When larger orders are placed, we turn smaller orders away due to the time and attention given to complete the orders. This means our decorator has spent many hours of work during the week, or completed the order and no credit will be issued and you will forfeit any payments already paid.

We are located in a small neighborhood on the Boise Bench. We are just a few minutes away from Boise State University and Downtown Boise. The closest cross street is Franklin Street.

Our address is 217 S Roosevelt St, Boise, ID

All of our wedding and large event cakes are made to order and custom made. They are not available for same day or next day pick up or delivery. If you do need a cake or cupcakes within less than 7 days, we offer some options in-store in our deli cases. These are pre-decorated and can NOT be altered. These are NOT available for delivery.

● Wedding cakes require 2-3 months advance notice.

● Any other events require at least 7-10 days in advance. For dates near busy dates such as any holidays or the summer months, we require 14-16 days in advance.

● If you need a cake at short notice and we are NOT booked, we may be able to accommodate you. However we cannot guarantee availability the closer to your requested date.

Our cakes are priced according to the type of cake (traditional, gluten-free and/or vegan), the amount of servings, and labor required to design, bake, and decorate.

Depending on the design, materials may need to be ordered to accommodate your requests.


It is strongly recommended to look at our website galleries for any cake designs for ideas and pricing.


We also have cake builders for traditional, gluten-free and vegan cake options available for more simple designs. These cake builders will include prices for cake sizes and fillings, to give you an idea of the pricing or you can submit and get a cake ordered.


If you need a customized cake quote for a cake design you don’t see available on our website, you can submit to our Customized Cake Quote page.

We have two price quote forms available!


The best way to get pricing quotes on a custom cake is to submit to our Customized Cake Quote page.

The best way to get pricing quotes on custom cupcakes is to submit to our Customized Cupcake Quote page.


Both of these forms are located at the top of our website, under our Contact tab. Just fill out the necessary information and attach your photos and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

We are able to color match, as closely as possible to your desired color for orders.

We can ONLY tint our signature vanilla buttercream and vanilla cake. Additional fees may apply.

In order to get the closest to the color, we strongly recommend bringing in a sample. Otherwise, the color may vary due to the brightness and saturation differences on our screens.

We offer a large variety of gluten-free options! We have a separate gluten-free and nut-free kitchen that is exclusively for gluten-free products and is guaranteed celiac friendly!


Check out our gluten-free menu, gluten-free cake builder, gluten-free cupcake builder, and our gluten-free products!

If you need a custom gluten-free order quote, submit our customized quote forms for cakes and cupcakes!


We also offer Gluten-Free & Vegan options.

Check out our gluten-free & vegan menu, gluten-free & vegan cake builder, gluten-free & vegan cupcake builder, and our gluten-free & vegan cupcakes!

If you need a custom gluten-free & vegan order quote, submit our customized quote forms for cakes and cupcakes!

We offer a limited number of vegan options. Our vegan options contain no eggs, dairy or animal byproducts!

We also offer Gluten-Free & Vegan options.

Check out our vegan menu, vegan cake builder, vegan cupcake builder, and our vegan products!

If you need a custom vegan order quote, submit our customized quote forms for cakes and cupcakes!

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer sugar-free or keto friendly options.

We offer both pick up and delivery options. All orders for delivery must be placed and finalized 7-10 days prior to the delivery date.


Delivery pricing varies on distance and whether it is a drop off delivery option or a delivery with set up option.


For the delivery drop off we require someone to be available to receive the order. We only deliver ONCE. We do NOT leave your order unattended. If there is no one to receive the order, you will need to pick up the order. Please give us a call to schedule a pick-up at our retail shop during our business hours. Your delivery fee will not be refunded if there was no one to accept the delivery at the original scheduled time.

For the delivery with setup option, we do require that you supply the necessary tables and/or displays. We do NOT offer tables, signs, labels or cake stands. If you need a cupcake stand, we do offer some as rentals, however availability may be limited.


Time of delivery options vary on availability. The sooner an order is placed, the best chance to get the time you want.


We are not available for same day delivery.

For both delivery options, we will arrive within 30 minutes of the scheduled time of the delivery. Please plan accordingly. If you plan on having a delivery with setup, schedule ahead of the desired time.


Deliveries are scheduled between 10am to 5pm on business days.

Deliveries on Sundays, Mondays, and Holidays cost extra. Availability varies.

Deliveries with set up cost extra.


When delivery is scheduled, you will receive a notification and reminders via email or phone.

There are many ways to place an order with us! You can call, email, or come in-store to place any orders or to ask any questions. We also offer cake tastings by appointment only, where we can give a personal consultation on designs and prices.


We accept all major credit cards and cash payments. We do NOT take payment over the phone or via email. We accept Apple Pay and Google Pay .


For over the phone or email orders we take payment via an invoice with a link to pay.

For any order within 7 days prior to the event, we require payment right away. If an invoice was sent, and payment has not been received, your order is subject to cancellation.


For orders scheduled weeks or months in advance, you must leave a deposit. This deposit saves the date and time for your order. The balance is due 7-14 days prior to the event date.


Deposits and any tips are NON-REFUNDABLE.

We do NOT currently offer samples. We do have mini cupcake variety mixes or regular sized cupcakes available for purchase in-store. For gluten-free and/or vegan mini cupcake options, please place an order, as availability is limited.

We also offer cake tasting appointments! This is a great way to taste our flavors and to get price quotes for large event orders.

Traveling long distances with a cake is not recommended if it is tiered, has fondant, large attachments, and/or toppers. If picking up a tiered cake, fondant, large attachments and/or toppers, we may give you the cake unassembled for safety and transportation reasons.


If you do choose to travel with your cake, please let us know! You can request to have the cake frozen.


Transportation and Storage Tips:

● Pick up and carry boxes from the bottom only.

● Do NOT hold the boxes in your lap.

● Do NOT place the boxes on car seats. We recommend placing cakes in the trunk or on the floorboards.

● Keep cakes and cupcakes away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. They WILL melt!

● Keep cakes level as much as possible at all times during transportation and refrigeration.

● Refrigerate orders within the boxes they come in or an airtight container.

● If you are traveling longer than 1 hour, we strongly recommend dry ice. Do NOT use ice packs! These will not keep your cake cold enough.

● Take cakes out for at least 45 minutes before serving, and 15 minutes for cupcakes.

● Use sturdy display stands! Cake stands should be more than 1 inch wider than the cake board.

Most emails and voicemails will be responded to within 2-3 business days. We respond to emails and voicemails in the order we receive them. Please be patient and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our decorations and figures are made exclusively for our cake and cupcake orders. You can place an order for custom decorations 14 days in advance.

We do provide fresh flowers and greenery for cakes. We do require at least 7-14 days in advance for specific flowers. Availability is limited to what is currently in season. Some flowers and/or greenery may cost extra.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us or come by for a visit.