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Please read the following Terms of Use carefully before placing your order with Amaru Confections.


1. You agree that the order is correct and that the expectations for this order have been firmly established. Amaru is not responsible for fixing the order, if it has not been conveyed clearly. Amaru Confections is only responsible for making the agreed upon order.

If ordering via phone or email, a copy of your order sheet is sent out to you in your invoice. It will be added as an attachment at the very bottom of the invoice page. If you did not receive your copy, please reach out to us as soon as possible. 


If ordering in person, our team member will go over the order sheet with you to verify your order. 


If there is something specific that was not written down please make sure to let us know so that those details can be written down. 


2. Photos provided for orders may not look identical to the cake you receive. Every decorator has their own style and cannot be replicated exactly. 


Figurines and specific designs will not be exactly as the picture you provided. Many decorators specialize in certain aspects when designing a cake. Our decorators give full measures to each individual order and strive for excellence with the work that they do. 


3. Amaru Confections is not responsible for any damages done to the order once it has left our possession. This includes leaving the bakery in customer’s possession and after the delivery is completed by Amaru. Please ensure that your order is to your satisfaction before leaving the bakery.


At the time of pick-up you are asked to sign your order as a verification that the order is correct and that the order has been picked up. If there are any errors, please let us know at the time of pick-up. 


When carrying your order, we recommend having a firm hold from the bottom. Our cakes can get pretty heavy, especially the larger size cakes and tiered cakes. 


Do not place your order on the seat of your vehicle. Do not hold your order while transporting.. You never know when you’ll need to break all of the sudden.  Place your order on the floorboard or trunk of your vehicle.


Keep your cake level at all times including transportation and refrigeration. Keep your order in an air conditioned vehicle during the summer months.


For long distance traveling, we recommend that you use a cooler and dry ice. Ice packs and ice will make your boxes get soggy and will tend to get your items wet or possibly ruin it.


When displaying your order at your event, we recommend a well ventilated and a cold room if possible. If your event room is humid or hot, this will lessen the time your order can be displayed. Keep in mind that your order has already been out for a few minutes because of the delivery.


In the event that your venue is outside, you can use dry ice to place around your cake or keep it refrigerated and take it out at the recommended time. Keep your products away from direct sunlight or areas where the sunlight is at its highest. 


Keep your order refrigerated and take out at least 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to serving at room temperature. For tiered cakes, you may keep your cake out at least 2 to 2.5 hours prior to serving. 


We cannot replace cakes in the case they have been dropped. We can only do what we can to fix it, if that were to happen. We do not bake extras for your order. All cakes are baked for each individual order. 


4. Changes to this order can be made up to ONE week prior to the event date.  If the order is changed within the week of the event, your order may be delayed and/or is subject to a service fee or cancellation. 


Changes to an order for smaller events can be changed at least ONE week prior to the date of the event.

Changes to a Wedding or larger event can be changed at least TWO weeks prior to the date of the event.


Simple changes such as messages on the cake or color of the cake can be made if the change was made at least 3 days prior to the event. 


5. If any order or any part of the order is canceled within the week of the event date, Amaru will be unable to refund the order. 


We do not refund any part of the order if  the order was canceled the prior to or the day of the event. Orders canceled 3 days or more during the week are subject to rescheduling for a later date. 


All cancellations a week prior to the event will receive a refund for canceled or changed orders if applicable.  


6. Deposits and tips are non-Refundable. Deposits for orders over one hundred dollars, withhold deposit total is $100.  Deposits for orders under one hundred dollars is half of the orders total. 


Deposits are non-refundable. We lose out on scheduling other customers’ orders to hold your spot. Please be considerate when ordering ahead of time.


7. If your order is not picked up the day ordered without any notification, the order will be canceled with No Refund or No In-Store Credit. 


If we do not receive a notification at least 4 days prior to the date of the event, your order will not be available for rescheduling or any sort of in-store credit. 


8. If your order is being delivered, please make sure to have someone there to accept the order.  We do not leave our products outside unattended. 


Your order will be dropped off at the location that was provided by you.


9. We only deliver ONCE.  If no one is there to accept the order, it will be brought back to the retail store and you’ll have to pick up the order. 


You will receive a text message and an email with confirmation of your order’s scheduled date and time. If no one is there to receive the order, you will not receive a refund for the delivery fee. Please ensure that you schedule accordingly. If you need a specific time of delivery please let us know so that we can schedule you accordingly. 


10. All complaints and concerns for this order need to be made in writing no later than 48 hours after the event.  These can be sent to  


If you have any complaints in regards to your order please notify us right away. The longer you wait the less chances of getting a partial refund or a solution to your complaint. 


All payments made in-person or online are binding agreements to Amaru Confection’s Terms & Conditions and Delivery Terms